It’s all about balance

Before you will gonna judge me; let me make my point clear- “Neither i support patriarchy nor matriarchy”

You know what is the worst thing that we have been told since our birth? ” If you are a male; you can be insensitive and emotionless but not supposed to cry and similarly if you are a female; you aren’t supposed to do things that will question the capabilities of opposite gender.

Stupid logic! Isn’t it ? Firstly, we are a human being then a specific gender.

I am not questioning ‘How Indian parents raise their children’ but emphasizing the norm that still has been following in many parts

yeah! These norms that we have been following since hundred of years could be blamed. Let’s not talk about the discrimination against women because there already have been  lot of articles discussing about it yet not making any difference. Similarly who cares about men? But the crimes against men are also not less than malefaction against women; the only difference is that – those crimes aren’t discernible and haven’t been given much importance because of the same bogus logic mentioned above : “Men are made to commit crimes not to become victims”

I’m not edifying at all but the disparity in this society baffles me a lot. Here disparity is not about inequality that has been faced by women only but is all about the imbalance thoughts against both of the genders. Still there are so many places in India where if privileges have been given to women either some of them don’t know how to make the best use of it simply because of the illusion; if they do, then their voice would be crushed down or on the other side half of them are misusing the power by stating ‘they are initiating the equality’. This is the biggest issue. Let me get this straight ” Not all men are criminals and not all women are victims”. No no, hold on! I am not disrespecting the gender but making you aware of the reality.
No wonder, Government has contributed their best by providing ample of rights to women but somehow they are still floundering and believe me this society isn’t only harmful for women but for men also. Both have been suffering a lot and need of the hour is to boost both the genders.We’ll not be able to stop domination of patriarchy and matriarchy over each other unless we’ll not have a balanced mentality  about the genders and trust me proving one superior over another is pernicious only. A balanced society is favorable and advantageous society !


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