Midnight Thoughts

It already has been 2:am, whenever I close my eyes it’s like a dark paradise.These thoughts continuously floundering in my mind, making me unable to sleep. It was well said- Rather than whole day if you start examine yourself at this time you will get to know the real you. Your intuitions, thoughts, emotions are at it’s peak.’Be gentle to yourself’
We often see people doing distress things just to claim that they are being themselves. But why are we targeting just them?  let’s come here and see- we ourselves often react like this.I am not claiming that I am the only one, who is just a piece of perfectness and far away from the mess word. Actually nobody is ! If you find a person like this – be aware s/he isn’t an alien. I mean it’s a human tendency that we all have become ‘mess’, reticulate in our own emotions. We all are just confused souls who dont able to find a way to distinguish what we want and in actual what we need? As a result,  we all running after our wants rather than needs . This has created a big fuss in human life. ‘Perfectness’ word isn’t responsible for this?  Everyone isn’t running after happiness but being perfect. People say they want happiness but happiness isn’t a goal.Now come to point- God hasn’t made anyone perfect, if he would then this life wouldn’t have its own meaning. But the question is – Are we seriously following the true meaning of life ?  

 As far as I know if Adam and Eve  wouldn’t have eaten the apple from the tree of knowledge of good and evil,maybe we would have been living the simplest life but if he would then we would never get to know- what is good or evil? 

 I believe that they have done right ( if this ideology is true ) because knowing the difference between the two( good and evil) is far better than knowing nothing about it. And to know the diffrence we must have to experience both things but why are we afraid of making mistakes? Are you afraid of it ? Ask from yourself. If yes, then dear you have been living other peoples lives not yours. I had read this somewhere- No wonder!  we are second hand human beings who just follow the norms and conditions applied by the society.And I am very much satisfied with this sentence. We aren’t doing something new moreover we aren’t discovering ourselves, just living a life created by this society by a long time.

 Conditions should be applied by ourselves not by others. Little bit selfishness is important for the progress. Give yourself importance. Your soul, need you the most. Feed it with gentle care and eternal love only then you will get you know what you want and what you need. Give yourself time, examine yourself. To know the true purpose look into yourself not outside, Everything is into you.

This life isn’t that much complicated,actually ‘we people are’ who make it complicated.

– Anchal Thakur


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