In metro – 7:30 am

This giant, massive vehicle carrying a lot of passengers. I can see lot of new faces. I don’t even know who they are but I can assume they all are running for their work, Students for their colleges, youngsters for their offices. Strange faces! Looking here and there, some are searching for seat while some have occupied the space between two coaches – maybe they enjoy such jerks. Quite impressive!

Gradually, headphones has been taken out by everyone to shrink the distance and I am just looking outside. Weather is good. Maybe it will rain ! These jungles, trees , clouds , all are running along with us. The birds are too running in opposite direction. Wait , whoa ! We have left them behind. I didn’t want to leave them behind.This driver couldn’t drive at slow pace ? 

Also I have one doubt, How much time do these pretty girls spend on putting mascara, even so clearly? Cool they are ..isn’t it ? Heck ! I don’t even know how to put that wing just by one stroke. Have Diverted my mind from there and looking beside, Wow! it Seems like students have gotta assignment, working on it. So studious they are while I am here rewinding ‘Hymn for the weekend’ again and again. Am I wasting my precious time ? Who cares? 

*       *        *       *       *      *

 And Now I have reached  my destination.This is how my traveling time passes.That’s how I daily learn something new, I can see very happy people around me but everyone has their own darker side. I appreciate their ability to carry a mask of happiness despite of the fact – they have their own demons to fight. 

Have a nice day !


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