Chirping birds, rising sun, shimmering moon, sea- shores, rain drops on leaves making it appear more green, shining desert, glimmering flowers, blue sky with adorable notions of cloud, twinkling stars in the night . 

This nature – Ain’t it magnificent ?

But how many of us are capable of visualising this true beauty ? Is it so difficult to find happiness? Or we people might have drowned so deep into the kerfuffle of this hectic life  that we couldn’t even able to see it ? Why so much hatred feelings, why so chaos around us ?  Why ?  Why we are living to please everyone but not ourselves? Everyone around us are just serving their purpose. One day everthing will get disappear.One day there is going to be a big void and that void is a part of us. We can’t run away from misfortunes but can learn to mould ourselves with it. So why don’t  we enjoy our finite time, why can’t we clebrate this life,nature and nurture this gift of joy ?

Celebration of life is real freedom, freedom from the past and freedom from the future, live every moment of life – good or bad because the gift of life is life itself.

Definition of celebration can mean many different things, it completely varies from person to person that how one could like to define it. As I started writing this, my notions upon this had eventually gone towards -‘This moment’

Yes, this moment could be your moment of celebration. You don’t need a lot of crackers and sweets to celebrate it. But if you wanna make it bit more twee, you can even bake your own nummy cupcake for yourself. Cute enough ? That’s my way of celebration though ! 

         I celebrate my completeness,

                  Incomplete as I am

        I celebrate my laughter breaking

                    through my tears.

                       I celebrate now.


– Anchal Thakur 


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